Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Turkish power firm denies violating labor laws.

Turkish power firm “Karpowership,” a contractor with state-run EDL, said over the weekend that it was operating in compliance with Lebanese laws, in response to a statement issued Friday by the Labor Ministry accusing the company of registering over 50 Turkish professionals under fraudulent job titles. “Karpowership is operating in compliance with Lebanese laws and the presence of Turkish professionals in Lebanon is legal. They have entered Lebanon in a legal manner and were registered under the appropriate job titles following professional legal advice” the statement said.

The statement added that the firm had no bad intentions behind the mistake that occurred while registering its employees.

“We were keen to increase power generation this year which prompted us to develop the role of employees in a bid to meet the requirements of our operations and secure power supply for the Lebanese electricity network,” the statement said.

The Labor Ministry Friday accused “Karpowership” of registering more than 50 Turkish professionals as cleaners.

In a statement, the ministry said that 54 Turks were using forged job titles as porters and cleaners, when in fact they were working as technical engineers and experts with the Turkish power firm.

The statement did not say why the company lied about the job titles, but it is common for employers in Lebanon to cheat on paperwork to limit their fees.

The firm works on a power-generating ship off the coast of Zouk Mosbeh, just north of Beirut.

The ministry said it fined each of the 54 individuals and is in the process of filing a complaint to send to the public prosecutor in order “to question every person that had a role in this scandal, including the company’s Lebanese representative.”

On the other hand, the statement issued by “Karpowership” said that the company quickly rushed to settle the issue by changing the workers’ job titles before any legal action was taken.

“Karpowership paid all of the fines imposed by the Labor Ministry also,” the statement added.

It also said that “Karpowership” is proud of its active role in the Lebanese economy by providing job opportunities for 200 families.

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