Monday, September 14, 2015

Zubair SEC Hosts Workshop On Labour Law

Muscat  14/9/2015 - Zubair Small Enterprises Centre hosted a new ‘Tajribati’ discussion session in continuation of a series of sessions that were launched last Ramadan bringing together a group of Zubair SEC members and a number of experts from various public and private institutions having a rich work experience in the field of entrepreneurship.

Also many owners of small and medium enterprises participated in these sessions from outside the centre. The continuation of these informative meeting sessions was due to its success and positive impact on the participants in leading entrepreneurial small businesses.

The discussion session concentrated on one of the most important topics concerning entrepreneurs and small business owners, which is the Omani Labour Law. The title of this Tajribati meeting session was ‘My Experience with Labour Laws in Oman’, hosting a group of speakers from institutions relevant to small and medium enterprises. Guest speakers included Eng Sheikha al Bulushi, assistant director-general, Department of Development and Performance Evaluation, Ministry of Manpower, and Khalifa Marhoon al Rahbi, legal counsel and lawyer at Khalifa bin Marhoon al Rahbi office.

The subject of the Tajribati discussion session was crucial and led to an intensive dialogue right from the start. The speakers and attendees exchanged valuable information through a highly transparent and constructive interaction. The audience raised many questions to which the speakers responded in a way allowing for a clear illustration to the entrepreneurs on the right mechanisms on applying the laws governing their businesses.

Some attendees expressed a number of difficulties in dealing with the labour laws, particularly those concerning Omanisation for small enterprises.

All speakers were well experienced in the field of small projects, whether in practice or supervision, which added much value to the discussion. The audience raised a question on retaining staff after getting trained in the business.

The common understanding is that most small businesses find it difficult to maintain staff due to the fact that they constantly desire to look for a better place and there is no law to protect business owners after having trained the employee or to obligate the employee to work for a specific period of time after having been trained and qualified at the expense of the concerned establishment.

Rahbi said, "The nature of this Tajribati session was very enriching and the participation of entrepreneurs with ideas and aspirations in relation to the labour laws were very important in motivating the renewal and development of the laws with the concerned authorities accordingly.

“There are consistent endeavours to revise the laws relating to the small and medium enterprises sector to allow a proper environment for their contribution in the national economy through multiple activities ensuring its success and continuity."

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