Saturday, August 29, 2015

Labour Law (UAE) Complaint Disputes & Settlement

Understanding your employee rights is a very important part of living and working in the UAE. Below is the labour law, as published by the UAE Ministry of Labour, with regards to disputes.

Disputes : The labour disputes shall be any dispute arising between an employer and the workers thereof, whose subject is related to the common interest of all or some of the workers in an establishment, a profession or a professional sector.

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'Dispute occur between one or more employers or some of the workers thereof, and both parties fail to settle it amicable, they must follow the procedures':

Procedures of Complaint & Settlement :

1 - The workers shall submit their complaint or claim in writing to the employer, and shall send at the same time a copy thereof to the Labour Department.

2 - The employer shall reply in writing to the complaint or claim of the workers within seven working days as of the date of the receipt thereof. He shall at the same time send a copy thereof to the Labour Department.

3 - Should the employer fail to reply to the complaint within the set period, or should the reply thereof not lead to the settlement of the dispute, the competent Labour Department shall, either at its own initiative or upon the request of a party to the dispute, mediate an amicable settlement.

4 - Should the claimant be the employer, his complaint shall be submitted directly to the Labour Department which shall mediate an amicable settlement.

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