Thursday, July 2, 2015

Microsoft Bahrain Launches ‘Build Your Business’ to Guide Entrepreneurs

Microsoft Bahrain in its new initiative, Build Your Business (BYB) to benefit ambitious entrepreneurs had given a training course on steps to grow your small business. Young budding entrepreneurs were given training on how to launch, lead and propagate their small ventures I n the market and covered various market research and business related topics.

Microsoft Bahrain launched the BYB initiative in collaboration with Bahrain Technology Companies (BTECH) and Tamkeen. Build Your Business (BYB) was introduced in 2010, started jointly by Microsoft and International Youth Foundation. The BYB session called ‘Train the Trainees’ was attended by 20 young Bahraini government officials from different industries. The session was aimed at giving them knowledge on how to promote SMEs and entrepreneurs in their country.
The Regional Country Manager of Microsoft Bahrain, Sherif Tawfik said in support of the initiative which is aimed at helping small business start-ups, how to know the nuances of starting a business and also sustaining their business in Bahrian and other regions.

BYB course is aimed to reach entrepreneurs ageing from 16 to 35 years and is offered in three different languages – English, Arabic and French. The course has an interactive approach to make them understand the business skills by using games, exercises and videos.

BYB has spread its range across different countries, about 20, crossed through Africa and the Middle East. The course and its tool is used by 185 organisations in the mentioned countries. Almost 350 facilitators have been trained and 4000 young entrepreneurs have been taught and benefitted from this course.

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