Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kuwait Assembly Passes Law of DNA Test for Citizens and Expatriates

The National Assembly of Kuwait passed a law that states DNA test is now mandatory for all Kuwaiti citizens as well as expatriates. The people who decline to do the DNA test will have to serve one year jail term and a fine up to KD10,000 will be levied upon the offenders. Also, person who gives fake sample or commit any kind of falsification in DNA samples, then the person will be levied a seven year jail term.

The law came after the bomb attack on mosque in Kuwait by a suicide bomber. MP Jamal al-Omar said that the government is ready to implement any new measures to safeguard the protection of Kuwait and its residents.

This step is aimed at creating a database of all the residents in Kuwait. This will be useful in hunting down criminals and terrorists. 

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