Monday, July 6, 2015

Kuwait Construction Sector Blooms to Yield High Quality Infrastructure

Kuwait construction sector is poised for significant growth thanks to projects worth $188 billion currently under various stages of planning and construction.
Several multi-billion dollar projects like $2.6 billion Subiya Causeway, $3.3 billion Kuwait International Airport, $6.2 billion motorway construction, $7 billion Kuwait Metro project and $15 billion Al-Zour New Refinery Project stand testimony to the increasing demand for high quality infrastructure along with residential and upscale properties.
Event Director of The Big 5 Kuwait, Ashley Robert said that from its annual budget for 2015-2016, Kuwait has set aside $7.2 billion for the acceleration of the construction sectors growth. Their event will highlight state-of-the-art solutions and products for the construction sector in order to leverage the fresh momentum experienced by the Kuwaiti market.

The third edition of The Big 5 Kuwait which will be held from 14th -16th September at the Kuwait International fair has a new addition which is a hall dedicated to Building Interior Products. This was because Building Interior Products has a huge demand in Kuwait to the tune of $31 million and was requested by 41% of the visitors in 2014.
A second new feature is the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited workshops which are free to attend. Architects, interior designers, consultants, procurement managers, contractors, real estate developers, engineers, and government sector personnel can register the points with their professional association or use it as certificate of attendance.
Mr. Ashley Roberts said they were upbeat that this event will generate positive results for the exhibitors and visitors.
The Big 5 Kuwait is the largest building and construction event in Kuwait, attracting visitors from Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain and UAE.

It addresses the needs of the country's construction sector. Last year over 5,000 industry professionals attended it and 76% of the visitors who attended the workshop rated the sessions as either 'excellent' or 'good'. It provides the regional and international manufacturers and distributors the ideal platform to showcase their goods and services and easy access to the local buyers.

It complements the growing momentum in the Kuwaiti construction sector by offering new concepts and solutions in building technology.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Microsoft Bahrain Launches ‘Build Your Business’ to Guide Entrepreneurs

Microsoft Bahrain in its new initiative, Build Your Business (BYB) to benefit ambitious entrepreneurs had given a training course on steps to grow your small business. Young budding entrepreneurs were given training on how to launch, lead and propagate their small ventures I n the market and covered various market research and business related topics.

Microsoft Bahrain launched the BYB initiative in collaboration with Bahrain Technology Companies (BTECH) and Tamkeen. Build Your Business (BYB) was introduced in 2010, started jointly by Microsoft and International Youth Foundation. The BYB session called ‘Train the Trainees’ was attended by 20 young Bahraini government officials from different industries. The session was aimed at giving them knowledge on how to promote SMEs and entrepreneurs in their country.
The Regional Country Manager of Microsoft Bahrain, Sherif Tawfik said in support of the initiative which is aimed at helping small business start-ups, how to know the nuances of starting a business and also sustaining their business in Bahrian and other regions.

BYB course is aimed to reach entrepreneurs ageing from 16 to 35 years and is offered in three different languages – English, Arabic and French. The course has an interactive approach to make them understand the business skills by using games, exercises and videos.

BYB has spread its range across different countries, about 20, crossed through Africa and the Middle East. The course and its tool is used by 185 organisations in the mentioned countries. Almost 350 facilitators have been trained and 4000 young entrepreneurs have been taught and benefitted from this course.

Kuwait Assembly Passes Law of DNA Test for Citizens and Expatriates

The National Assembly of Kuwait passed a law that states DNA test is now mandatory for all Kuwaiti citizens as well as expatriates. The people who decline to do the DNA test will have to serve one year jail term and a fine up to KD10,000 will be levied upon the offenders. Also, person who gives fake sample or commit any kind of falsification in DNA samples, then the person will be levied a seven year jail term.

The law came after the bomb attack on mosque in Kuwait by a suicide bomber. MP Jamal al-Omar said that the government is ready to implement any new measures to safeguard the protection of Kuwait and its residents.

This step is aimed at creating a database of all the residents in Kuwait. This will be useful in hunting down criminals and terrorists.