Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kuwait Regulates Rules of Domestic Helpers from Asia

The Parliament of Kuwait on June 24th passes a new law in the interest of Asian domestic helpers working in Kuwait. There are about 600,000 domestic workers in Kuwait, where most of them are of Asian origin. The new law states that these helpers will now have 12 hour working in a day, once a week off and 20 days annual leave. Furthermore, the law also includes domestic helpers to open a bank account and helpers who agree to work extra time should be paid overtime. At least 2.4 million domestic workers are there in Kuwait and other Gulf countries. These countries had to face rage by the hands of International Rights Groups for Alleged Maltreatment of Foreign Workers, chiefly domestic helpers. So, the Asian countries who send domestic helps to Gulf countries along with the Gulf Labor ministers came to the term to have a common contract for domestic workers.

A second law was also delivered by the MPs of Kuwait that states recruitment companies should be enforced for domestic helpers to cut the cost for citizens and to resolve any issue or problem between the sponsors and helpers within the premises of these offices.

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