Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kuwait Reducing Expat population

83,000 residencies cancelled

KUWAIT: Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor sources revealed that the ministry has cancelled the residencies of more than 83,000 expatriates. From those, 37,000 cases face a travel ban, 27 cases are due to the departure of an expatriate who did not return, 423 cases are due to death and 18,463 cases are at the request of the Ministry of Interior. Changes from visit visas to a residency visa in the private sector reached 13,645 cases, and from a dependent visa to the private sector was 8,186 cases. Changes within the private sector reached 183,822 cases and changes from the private sector to the government sector amounted to 4,986 cases. Sources said that the coming few days will witness thousands of residencies, which will be announced next September.

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